The dark side of the internet

Claudia Gina Hassan


The relation of anti-semitism to the media has always been intense.

This theme has always been pervaded by an “ontological” virality. With the rise of the web – viral by definition – the post-WWII democratic taboo against anti-semitism has been weakened due to its entering a no man's land free of all controls and restrictions. The antisemitic galaxy on the web exhibits the traits of a closed self-referential, sectarian group. The code words, the commonplaces and usual clichés of anti-semitic prejudice, however, make deep inroads within the web and contribute to re-legitimize those themes beyond sectarian audiences. What was once considered an abhorrent prejudice can now be easily found in the guise of one opinion alongside others. After a rapid birdeye view of the far-right in Europe, this paper examines a number of diverse websites which share the same anti-semitic prejudice disguised in various ways. 



web; anti-semitism 2.0; negationism

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